Passion And Purpose

Passion is crucial, but it is useless without purpose. The purpose is about using your skills to bring value to the world. Decide what you want, and then take action. There are many things you can bring to the world to create value once you have special skills. To best way to build special skills is to learn, apply, and then teach what you are good at and love to do.

This process is life-long, but I have found that you can speed up the progression significantly by having the right philosophy. Look at obstacles as challenges that are the raw materials for you to move to a new level. One can increase their special skills significantly by reading, listening, studying, and being around the people who have such skills. We must also learn to say no to things that are not going to bring us closer to our goals and dreams because time is one of the most precious assets we have.

Best regards,
David P. Fritch

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